ABOUT US - Uluslararası Taner Yelkenci Hukuk Ve Devlet Teorisi Sempozyumu

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Turkish intelligentia lost one of the leading intellectual in 2013. The Marxist philosopher Dr. Taner Yelkenci was a young academic who had done important works in the field of philosophy of law and state.

Taner Yelkenci is one of the founders of Kampfplatz, the journal Philosophy and Social Sciences, and has a book titled Marxist State and Legal Theory published by NotaBene Publishing. Taner Yelkenci left us as a result of a heart attack while he continued to work as a continuation of his book and to work on enriching Turkish literature in the field of Marxist state and legal philosophy.

As colleagues and friends of Taner Yelkenci, we decided to organise this symposium in order to both keep Yelkenci's name alive, and to strenghten and visibility to the studies in the field of law and state theory, which we think is needed in Turkey. During this period, the symposium exceeded its national nature and acquired an international dimension. Scholars such as Marc Neocleous, Adam Gearey, Alberto Toscano, Tarik Kochi, Simon Behrman, Gonzalo Pozo-Martin, Andreas Mihalopoulos, Jens Wissel, Stephan D'arcy, Jacques Bidet and Mark Kelly participated in our symposium with their speeches in the fields of international law, Marxist law, state, and security theory. The Taner Yelkenci Law and State Theory Symposium is on the way to become tradition with many local and foreign participants who working in the fields of law and state theory.

The symposium consists of workshops where scholars and researchers share and discuss their thoughts on legal theory and state theory and panels where theoretical and political developments in Turkey and in the world are discussed from a critical perspective. Each year, the works which presented in workshops and panels are published according to the subject matter.

International Taner Yelkenci Law and State Theory Symposium is a collective thinking effort that aims to discuss the basic debates, new searches and possibilities of publicization of Marxist law and state theory. In this respect, our symposium is open to everyone and free of charge.

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